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The digital art world is becoming a highly saturated and competitive place, filled with artists who have grown up on Photoshop and know the ins and outs of the program extremely well. In order to stand out among the crowd, these artists need to take their Photoshop skills to another level, and this book will help them do that. Many books on the market discuss ways of incorporating external elements into Photoshop to create the final image. This book takes a different approach and shows the reader how to create everything, from start to finish, directly within Photoshop. Each technique is discussed in careful step-by-step sections, and two supplemental chapters provide a quick overview of Photoshop basics in case the reader needs a refresher on a particular feature. Not only will this approach enhance the artists design, drawing, and painting skills, but it will also save tons of time and resources, otherwise spent on searching for just the right element to complete a project. With these new skills, artists will be able to more carefully and accurately realize their artistic vision, resulting in a more authentic, hand drawn final image that will stand out amongst the plethora of imitators. A supplemental website [url to come] will provide the reader with additional training tools and a forum where Steve and other readers can chime in with advice and feedback on images and any other troubleshooting areas.
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100% Photoshop
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